Spring 2012

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Health Care.

The topic of health care remains at the forefront of our national discourse. Whether we are reading about new technologies or treatments on our front pages or hearing our political leaders debating the merits of nationalized health care, we are bombarded with information on the topic almost daily.
        As a business school, we certainly are not immune to the topic. And in many aspects, our work is reshaping the health care landscape and this issue of Carlson School provides a wonderful overview of our school’s impact on this extraordinary industry.
        Our faculty members play key roles in the national discussion—researching difficult questions, posing potential solutions, and sharing their knowledge and ideas with industry leaders and policymakers. In this issue, you will see that no matter the topic, whether studying the impact of mass media campaigns on health behaviors or the effect of competition on health insurance premiums, our faculty are driving innovation and debate in a global industry marked by fast growth and even faster change.
        Health care is deeply imbedded in our curriculum as well. Since 2005, our Medical Industry Research Institute (MILI) has been, and continues to be, a wellspring of opportunity for students seeking a health care specialization. Through experiential learning via MILI’s Valuation Laboratory, where students evaluate the market potential of new medical devices, to being taught by recognized leaders in the field, MILI graduates are much sought after by the largest and most creative companies in the medical industry.
        After graduation, these students continue their ties with MILI through its new Affiliate Program. This program puts them in close contact with industry professionals in virtually all areas of health care, such as device manufacturers, policymakers, insurers, and pharmaceutical companies. In this issue, we will show you how the networking and knowledge sharing of these Affiliates helps to generate improvement and innovation within the medical industry.
        Of course, our students are driving health care advancement in their careers as well. You will learn about those who are providing policy analyses to Congress, improving the efficiency of blood centers, and founding new health technology companies, to name a few. In common, all of them stand among the future leaders and change agents in the health care field.
        On a personal note, last month I was named the new dean of the Carlson School—an honor for which I am extremely grateful. The Carlson School is a very special place. These are very special times. And I am excited, proud, and deeply appreciative of the opportunity to assume the duties of dean. In the weeks to come, I will be meeting with a wide range of stakeholders and crowd-sourcing extensively to learn of the many views regarding our school. I encourage Carlson School alumni and friends to visit my blog and share their views. Our alumni are among the many enviable strengths of our school and I look forward to working together to establish the Carlson School as a crucible for ideas and innovation that will shape the future of business worldwide.

Sri Zaheer, Dean
Elmer L. Andersen Chair in Global Corporate Social Responsibility

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